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Why Fall is Fabulous

By Nancy Cozart Autumn is Awesome There are so many reasons why fall is a fabulous time of year! Of all the seasons, fall is definitely the most colorful! Trees are spectacular during the fall season when leaves begin to change colors. At peak fall color season, Mother Nature paints a spectacular landscape, marked by … Continue reading

The Caterpillar

By Nancy Cozart The Caterpillar wasn’t happy. She looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of herself that made her cry. She did not feel beautiful or good about the way she looked. She thought to herself “I am too fuzzy…I am too chubby…I will never be beautiful”. The caterpillar was beautiful, but she … Continue reading

Happy “Ya Mon” Day

Happy Monday! “Does somebody have a case of the Mondays?” If you have a case of the Mondays…you just need to change your perspective to see that Monday is an awesome day! Today is the day formerly known as Monday. Monday is a four letter word…strike that…six letter word. Scramble the letters and it becomes … Continue reading

Networking Tips

By Nancy Cozart How To Make NetWORKing Work For You You look at the time on your computer screen. You notice it is after 5:00 pm. If you work a typical 9:00 – 5:00 work schedule, you are probably thinking it is time to finish up work and head home. You are tired and ready … Continue reading