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Summertime Fun on a Budget

By Nancy Cozart The Best Things In Life Are Free It’s summertime…and the living is easy. Unfortunately, summer can be an expensive time of year. If you are planning a summer vacation big on fun…but with a small budget, there are lots of great options that won’t break the bank. Picnic at a Park Instead … Continue reading

Life In The Fairy Tale World

By Nancy Cozart The Fairy Tale World Versus The Real World Lately, I have been thinking that the fairy tale world has some distinct advantages over the real world. In the fairy tale world, good triumphs over evil. The protagonist in the story has a happy ending. In the real world, life is usually filled … Continue reading

Coping with Grief

By Nancy Cozart Coping With Grief When we are born, we are not given a roadmap to help guide us through this journey called life. Each one of us is special and unique, and we all develop our own coping mechanisms. Through our lives, there are twists and turns. Our expectations of how we think … Continue reading