Back in the Day

Back in the Day By Nancy Cozart, Freelance Writer Photo Credits: Nancy Cozart Way Back When Back in the day, times were simpler. There was less stress and more time to enjoy spending with family and friends. When I was growing up in the 70s, the neighborhood kids would play outside when the weather was … Continue reading

Becoming a Butterfly

Becoming a Butterfly By Nancy Cozart Photography and article by Nancy Cozart The Caterpillar  The caterpillar aspired to become something beautiful.  She dreamed of becoming a graceful creature with wings.  She feared that she would never achieve any of her aspirations.  She felt awkward. Her body was green, long and fuzzy. She felt unattractive.  Compared to … Continue reading

Passion and Perseverance

Passion and Perseverance By Nancy Cozart   “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”. – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Passion and Perseverance Passion and perseverance are key ingredients in the recipe for success! Find your passion, draw on your experiences and follow your dreams. Even the word “impossible” says “I’m Possible”. … Continue reading