Night Descended

By Nancy Cozart Photo credit: Nancy Cozart Night descended upon the Day…It was the game He chose to play.  Extinguishing each spark of light, She didn’t have the strength to fight. The sun shined brightly through the sky…She didn’t know where, she didn’t know why.  But she knew she had an iridescent glow. She wanted … Continue reading

Adulting 101: Helpful Tips For Every Day Living That You Never Learned in School.

By Nancy Cozart  “Adulting” is Awesome… But I’d Rather Be “Kidding” Back when I was a kid, life seemed simpler. There were no bills to pay.  Summertime was filled with adventure.  There were ice cream trucks, playgrounds, swing sets, monkey bars and jungle gyms.  There were neighborhood friends to play with. We played “Tag”, “Red … Continue reading