Tips for Helping Small, Local Businesses

By Nancy Cozart

Photo credit: Nancy Cozart

Helping Small Local Businesses

During this pandemic, many of us may be staying home more often. We might not be going out to dinner at local restaurants as much…or maybe not at all. We might not be doing as much shopping at local stores and shops, either. As a result, many local family owned and operated small businesses, restaurants and “Mom and Pop” shops might be struggling to stay open.

If you want your favorite local restaurants, businesses and shops to make it through this pandemic and beyond, now is the time to take action.

What can you do to help? Consider ordering carryout, delivery or curbside to go from your favorite locally owned and operated restaurants in your area. Many local restaurants are offering carryout and curbside to go options. If you are concerned about dining out inside of local restaurants, ordering carryout is a great way to support locally owned restaurants while enjoying delicious meals at home.

If you are planning a small gathering at home, or if you are having a business meeting at work, consider ordering delivery from local catering companies or restaurants.

You can also purchase gift cards from your favorite local restaurants and shops. You can give the gift cards to family, friends and work colleagues for birthday gifts, holiday gifts or thank you gifts. Gift cards also make great client appreciation gifts for your clients. Or you can purchase gift cards to support local restaurants and shops now…and redeem them later.

Instead of frequenting large, national big box retailers, consider shopping at small locally owned and operated shops. For example, if you are looking for a gift for a family member or friend, consider shopping at a small locally owned shop instead of a large national retail store. You may find more unique and special hand crafted gift items at small locally owned stores that you might not be able to find at a large retailer.

When you receive your stimulus check, consider spending that money locally to help stimulate the local economy. You could purchase furniture from a small locally owned furniture store. Or you could spend that money at local shops and restaurants. Or consider using the stimulus check for home improvements and home repairs and hire a small, locally owned business to do the work.

Instead of going on a vacation away from home this year, consider staying home and go on a “staycation”. Visit local family owned businesses and attractions such as quaint and charming local shops, wineries, and local restaurants. Consider staying at a local bed and breakfast for the weekend for a fun getaway close to home. Go to local book stores to stock up on books to read while you are staying home more during this pandemic.

Now that immunizations for COVID-19 are underway, hopefully the Pandemic will be over soon and we will be able to return to life as usual…the way it was before the Pandemic. In the mean time, stay safe, use masks and hand sanitizers, practice social distancing …..and shop locally. Frequent small family owned and operated shops, restaurants and businesses to help keep them thriving and flourishing during these challenging times.

There are so many ways to help support local businesses, shops and restaurants. If you have any opportunity to shop locally and support your local family owned and operated small shops, businesses and restaurants, please consider doing so. Let’s all do our part to keep small, local businesses around…now and in the future.

The large big box retailers will thrive and flourish regardless of the circumstances…but the small, locally owned businesses, shops and restaurants need your help.

One day, this Pandemic will be over. Let’s keep our local businesses up and running so that we will be able to enjoy them now…and for many years to come.

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